Scoring the Past Couple of Weeks

Despite being in the “mezzanine” near the press boxes, work’s season tickets to the Washington Nationals at RFK stadium: Suck.

RFK stadium itself: Really sucks.

Creating tasty sangria for the first time: Rules.

Being able to watch July 4th fireworks from my very own deck: Rules.

Getting the “Fix this shit in 30 days or else” list from the homeowners’ association: Sucks.

That list is almost complete: Rules.

Michael Nylander in a Caps uniform next season: Rule.

Tom Poti in a Caps uniform next season: Rule.

Viktor Kozlov in a Caps uniform next season: Push.

All of the Washington Capitals’ off-season transactions, including free agency signings, taken gestalt: Rule.

Increased workload due to customer ineptitude: Sucks.

Increased workload due to co-worker ineptitude: Sucks more.

Crazy, loud, “don’t give a shit” neighbors next door have moved: Rules.

Dilapidated townhouse next door is now on the market as a foreclosure, listing $50k less than our almost-pristine place: Sucks.

Brainstorming with The Foof on new work T-shirt ideas, then actually being able to design something that doesn’t suck: Rules.

My blog posting frequency: Sucks.

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