New Shit Never Works the First Time

My frustration with (and subsequent hatred of) Jython is unrivaled.

It’s that fucking CLASSPATH which is currently biting my ass with its back teeth. I’ve been dicking with it for the last 6 hours, and cannot get it to work. It is a theoretically-simple problem… so simple, in fact, that there are exactly zero pages on the entire fucking Internet which address the particular problem I’m having.

So, yeah… where explicitly do you specify the CLASSPATH? In the “.profile” file in my home directory? Suck it, tried it. In the “registry” file in the Jython install directory? Fuck off, tried that, too. Append the /path/to/goddamned/java/file to my sys.path inside Jython? Get the fuck out, tried that, as well.

Obviously, I’m the biggest dullard on the face of the Earth to ever attempt using Jython. Every “helpful” tip on the Tubes only goes so far as to mention the CLASSPATH issue and/or problem. The actual solution to the problem is always implied!

“Oh, it’s a CLASSPATH issue! *smacking forehead* What an idiot I’ve been! That’s so easy to fix!”

Fuck. (sigh)

Update July 2, 2007: Well, it appears that one particular way to find success (and respite from smashing my head against the keyboard) is to write a shell script with a bunch of “export CLASSPATH” statements and the… um… proper line syntax and arguments to call the script. Hint: it starts with “java”, not “jython”. A small measure of success to be sure… but it’s better than frothing murderously at the mouth for hours on end.


3 thoughts on “New Shit Never Works the First Time

  1. I personally hated Jython. It really didn’t allow me to learn Python, although it may have been the actual implementation in Oracle’s OVD product … regardless, I wasn’t supremely impressed. I haven’t ever needed to do bindings to other languages but I suppose if I did, I’d rather do something embedded instead of an implemented language. It’s probably a moot point since even Java had to be implemented in something (C/C++?).

    Take my comments with a grain of salt, I’ve been exposed to JPython and not Jython which might show the “age” of the implementation I’m working with. Though salt or not, I would not learn Python with J(P)ython.

  2. I’ve been working with Python for over 5 years now; really the only reason to work with Jython at all is so I can avoid learning Java… and shortcut the development of this new project at work. At this point, we know what we want to do, but are only in the process of evaluating some of the already-available open-source projects. Just so happens that the first one I’m evaluating is written completely in Java.

    But I completely agree w/ you… Jython is *not* the way to learn Python.

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