2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 3 Scorecard

Same scoring methodology as used for the first and second rounds. 10 possible points for both Conference Final series. Here are my round 3 picks and justifications.

Eastern Conference Final
I said: Ottawa in 7.
Reality: Ottawa in 5.
Three points for me.

Western Conference Final
I said: Anaheim in 6.
Reality: Anaheim in 6.
Aaaannnnd, the Red Wings finally lose! Five points.

My total: 8 points, or 80% accuracy.

Those other guys:
Brophy: 8, 80%
Broz: 4, 40%
Campbell: 9, 90%
Fox: 5, 50%
Gunn: 4, 40%
Morrison: 5, 50%
Proteau: 5, 50%
Wraight: 5, 50%

So, as we’re 4 to 7 games away from the end of the season, I feel a slight swell of redemption… at least when it comes to picking wins.

I’ll gather up the predictions for the Cup Finals and reveal my own pick sometime before Memorial Day.

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