R.I.P. P.R.F. (for now anyway)

Both of you regular readers who aren’t Gregg probably noticed a recent violation of policy when I posted the concert review of the latest Clutch show here on the Head.

Effective immediately, the Pure Rock Fury website/blog is on indefinite hiatus.

We don’t update it often enough to warrant any traffic at all, and it’s not even the traffic that we’re pursuing at this point. After we took down neurobashing.com, the Google ads went *poof*, and any potential revenue stream from PRF (Gregg’s idea) did the same. And that whole “Gawker will buy us!” idea was nothing but a crack-pipe dream from the get-go anyway.

Finally, and most importantly, the present state of music (not even *popular* music, mind you) has left us with an overwhelming sense of ennui, and a dearth of anything to say about it.

So, whenever I have something to say about music–beit concerts, new releases, or whatever–I’ll drop it here on the Head.


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