Our Anniversary

Erin and I recently celebrated our first (official legal-like) anniversary these past few days by going to Annapolis, MD.

Sure, it’s not the typical “vacation” or “anniversary” destination, but it was just far enough away to be out-of-town without imposing an unrealistic travel schedule on either of us… especially considering that someone in this marriage failed to adjust their passport accordingly. My name didn’t change; that’s all I’m saying.

But, there’s enough to do, plenty of places to go and see and dine, and we didn’t spend half of what we would have by going to the Dominican Republic… which was a great fuckin’ all-inclusive deal, yo.

It was “us time”, so I won’t share as many highlights of the trip as I’d like to, but here’s a taste:

Erin won 8-to-1 money on the Preakness by “betting” on a 3-1 horse to win in an unlikely-to-be-sanctioned, staff-run bar bet. She drew the last horse available in the pot, which just so happened to be Curlin. Then again, I only hit the ATM after watching the second-to-last bettor draw the other horse.

Eighty bucks, little man. Put that shit in my hand.


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