Concert Review: Clutch at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Best show ever.


I don’t exactly remember how many Clutch shows I’ve been to, but the total has got to be around 8 or 9. Sure, that’s not as many as some of the other superfans, but I only learned such a band existed about 8 years ago in the car on the way to Lake Anna with Shawn Morgan.

No, they didn’t play “Impetus”.
No, they didn’t play “A Shogun Named Marcus”.
No, they didn’t play “Spacegrass”.

Y’know why? Because it’s all about the newer shit. They played 7 songs out of 12 on the new album (review), 4 from Robot Hive/Exodus (review), and 5 from Blast Tyrant (review). They threw in a couple of tunes offa’ Clutch, and a token jam from Pure Rock Fury, but the best way to round out the show was the planned encore featuring 3-in-a-row from Elephant Riders.

That was a nice surprise… even if the band telegraphed their intentions by dropping a huge Elephant Riders banner in front of their standard “Clutch” backdrop during the short intermission.

The following set list is from a photo posted over on the Clutch message boards, and my memory confirms its accuracy. I didn’t drink enough for my shriveling brain to fail vouching for it.

Main Set:
You Can’t Stop Progress
Power Player
Mice and Gods
Profits of Doom
Animal Farm
The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
Burning Beard
The Devil and Me
The Regulator
Gravel Road
Texan Book of the Dead
(In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat
(Note from the Trial of) La Curandera
White’s Ferry
Red Horse Rainbow
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar
Cypress Grove

The Elephant Riders
Ship of Gold
The Soapmakers
Mr. Shiny Cadillackness

Seriously… best Clutch show ever.



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