2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 3 Predictions

Only 4 teams still have a chance to hoist the Stanely Cup a few weeks from now. The Conference Finals start tomorrow.

Eastern Conference Finals – Buffalo Sabres vs. Ottawa Senators

Both teams hail from the Northeast Division, which means they played each other 8 times in the regular season. I know, I know… everyone says the regular season doesn’t mean shit come playoff time, but I doubt the veracity of that hackneyed, historied hockey proverb. Despite the Sabres’ leading the entire Eastern Conference, it seems Ottawa had their number all season. The Senators won 5 of their 8 regular-season matchups, and outscored Buffalo by a total of 33 to 25 goals.

Looking at the playoffs, it took Buffalo 5 games to knock out the Islanders (8th seed), and 6 games to defeat the Rangers (6th). Meanwhile, Ottawa dispatched the Penguins (5th) and Devils (2nd) in 5 games apiece. Finally, what does it say about Buffalo that their playoffs points-leader, Daniel Briere, also leads the team in penalty minutes?

I will be rooting for the Sabres (and for Briere to stay out of the box), but I’m sure this series will get nasty throughout the hard-fought games… and I just don’t think Buffalo will come out on top.

Ottawa in 7 games.

Western Conference Finals – Detroit Red Wings vs. Anaheim Ducks

I’ve never been much of a Detroit fan, despite their ubiquitous bandwagon and the loyalties of my friends and (now) in-laws. Hell, I’ve never been much of a fan of any team in the West; take that for what it is.

Some bad news for Detroit is that Mathieu Schneider–4th in scoring for the team in the playoffs and a much-needed defenseman–has a broken wrist. Worse news for Detroit is that J.S. Giguere has a better GAA than the venerable, vintage veteran Hasek… and Anaheim’s penalty kill is the tits.

Yes, I picked the Wings to lose the first round. They won. Yes, I picked the Wings to lose in the second round. They won. Yes, I’m picking the Wings to lose in the Conference Finals. Never once in the entire playoffs have I thought that Detroit was capable of winning the Cup this year; a guy’s gotta’ stick to his guns sometimes.

Anaheim in 6 games.

Here are the “expert” picks:

Ottawa in 7
Anaheim in 6

Buffalo in 7
Anaheim in 5

Ottawa in 6
Anaheim in 6

Buffalo in 7
Anaheim in 6

Ottawa in 6
Detroit in 6

Buffalo in 7
Anaheim in 6

Buffalo in 7
Anaheim in 6

Buffalo in 6
Anaheim in 6

5 thoughts on “2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 3 Predictions

  1. Us guys out here in the Western Conference lands think YOU suck.

    I’m calling Buffalo (in 7) v. Anaheim (in 5) with Anaheim winning the cup in 6. If I am right will you send me whiskey? I hate Detroit with the fire of a thousand suns (even before the Avs rivalry). They are the Philadelphia Flyers of the West. Only they have won a cup or two in the past 30 years.

  2. Yet another East vs. West beef, eh? Well, if you’re going to roll up on my shit and start blastin’ fools, please be kind enough to not fuck up the upholstery in the Blackura.

    What kind of whiskey?

  3. You = Biggie. Me = Pac. Nobody wins in this beef.

    Jameson is the lifeblood that fuels champions. Or any of your assorted scotches. Maybe we should wait and see who wins the next round and THEN bet on the Cup.

    I still miss Chris Drury.

  4. Looks like I’m the only one taking Detroit. After hearing Schneider has a broken wrist, and with Kronwall already out, it may be a little unrealistic to see my prediction come true. I guess we’ll have to see.

  5. Gunn: Yeah, since you didn’t know about Schneider’s wrist injury… for you to pull it out on that Detroit pick will be, um, simply mindboggling. Your crown in on the line, man. :)

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