2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 2 Scorecard

Same scoring methodology as used for the first round. 20 possible points for all 4 Conference Semifinal series. Here are my round 2 picks and justifications.

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers
I said: Sabres in 6.
Reality: Sabres in 6.
Booyah, bitches. So sorry blueshirts, you are the sux0rz. Score 5 points.

New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators
I said: Devils in 7.
Reality: Sens in 5.
Wow, I blew it on that one. Big fat zero.

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks
I said: Sharks in 7.
Reality: Wings in 6.
Jesus, these guys just won’t lay down and allow me to revel in their losing ways. My reward? Jackshit.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks
I said: Ducks in 5.
Reality: Ducks in 5.
Booyah, bitches [reprise]. Score 5 points.

My total: 10 points, or exactly 50% accuracy.

Those other guys:
Proteau: 13 points, 65%
Campbell: 16 points, 80%
Wraight: 8 points, 40%
Fox: 13 points, 65%
Gunn: 14 points, 70%

Aaaaaaand, the upshot is the same as the first round: I suck at this prediction shit.

2 thoughts on “2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 2 Scorecard

  1. It amuses me that I’m throw in there. I was looking forward to see your scorecard to see how I did. I really messed by up picking with my heart instead of head (by picking Vancouver). But I just couldn’t go against my team.

    I guess I did alright, though. Thanks for putting that together, man.

  2. Hey, you’re still at or near the top of the list of prognosticators, and probably would have wiped the floor with the rest of us if you hadn’t gone with the Canucks. I just hope you’re wrong about the Wings in the West Finals…

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