About the Dearth of Timely Updates

Erin and I have been working pretty hard doing minor repairs around the townhouse, cleaning shit up, ostensibly de-cluttering things, and all those other super funtastic tasks associated with preparing the place for a tough run on the real estate market.

That’s right. We’re putting the fucker up for sale.

The plan is to sell it fairly quickly at a reasonable cost that will still land me a healthy profit. Like the rest of the States, the market is down relative to last year’s crazy shit, and it’s a “buyers’ market”. Unlike most places, however, the assessed value of the townhouse still managed to go up this year. Plus–if our agent’s reporting is factual–it’s one of the nicest (read: not completely fuckin’ trashed) places in our neighborhood that will be for sale.

Then it’ll be time to find a not-completely-fuckin’-trashed house with a yard that won’t crush my morale by way of an absurd monthly mortgage payment.

First things first…

Oh, and I’ve been watching a lot of playoff hockey.


2 thoughts on “About the Dearth of Timely Updates

  1. Damnit, we were just talking about how we really want to hang out; we’ve been nearneighbors for a year already. Don’t go moving too far away, mmmK?

  2. After a few years of listing our town homes we finally gave up and started renting them. We actually got approved for more on our loan because they count rentals as income.

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