2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 2 Predictions

Eastern Conference

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Rangers
Both teams kick serious ass, and have phenomenal goaltending. I hate Jaromir Jagr, and have a soft spot in my heart for Dainius Zubrus. But that isn’t quite enough to tilt my pick one way or the other. Watch as Buffalo employs the antithesis of the Lightning’s tactics, and doesn’t double-shift their first two lines. More depth up front means shorter shifts means fresher legs and less exhaustion. Watching the antics of Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Miller as each defends their team’s goal will be a fantastic spectacle. Buffalo Sabres in 6 games.

New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators
The Devils–at times–looked downright vulnerable against the Lightning in the first round. Zach Parise, however, is often underrated and overlooked, which was a big factor in Tampa’s losing campaign. Ray Emery enjoys a lower goals against average versus Broduer, but has a slightly lower save percentage, so I’m expecting Emery to step it up Cam Ward style, and make the goaltending almost a wash. Ottawa’s definitely got the better defense. Still, I’m going to go against the grain of popular opinion on this one and say the Devils take it in 7 games.

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings vs. San Jose Sharks
I honestly believe the Sharks are the tougher team here. I got bit in the ass by picking Detroit to lose in the first round against Calgary. Hopefully, that won’t happen again as I pick the Sharks to win in 7 games.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks have a Vezina finalist in the net, but if Luongo saves 19 of 20 shots every night, that still means one goes in. And with a dearth of offense, that .950 save percentage could very well mean losing 1-0 against the Ducks. Add the Ducks’ killer defense to that whole “no offense” thing, and you get Anaheim walking into the Conference Finals in 5 games.

Here’s what “the experts” (and one regular guy who picked the first round better than any of “the experts”) think about the upcoming Conference Semifinals:

Buffalo in 6.
Ottawa in 6.
San Jose in 7.
Anaheim in 6.

Buffalo in 5.
Ottawa in 6.
Detroit in 7.
Anaheim in 4.

Buffalo in 5.
New Jersey in 6.
San Jose in 7.
Anaheim in 6.

Buffalo in 6.
Ottawa in 7.
San Jose in 6.
Anaheim in 5.

Buffalo in 6.
Ottawa in 6.
Detroit in 6.
Vancouver in 7.

One thought on “2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 2 Predictions

  1. Haha, not surprised I’m the only one who picked Vancouver. If I wasn’t a Canuck fan, I’d say Ducks in 6, but I really do think the Canucks have a chance.

    Of course, I made my prediction before I knew that Salo and Bieksa were injured, and I will say there is no way the Canucks win a game without at least one of them in the lineup.


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