2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 1 Scorecard

Time to take stock of my picks for the first round of the playoffs.

Here’s how I’m scoring ’em.

There is a maximum of 5 points for each series. If you successfully predict the winning team, you start off with those 5 points; then, subtract 1 point for each game you were off in the prediction. So the max you can get for any series is 5 points for guessing the winner and number of games perfectly. If you still guess the winning team properly, but are way off in the number of games in the series, you can still get at least 2 points. Of course, you get jackshit 0 points for picking the wrong team.

40 points is the max for the Conference Quarterfinals.

Eastern Conference

Sabres vs. Isles
I said: Sabres sweep in 4.
Reality: Sabres win in 5 games.
Not too far off the mark. 4 points.

Devils vs. Lightning
I said: Lightning in 7.
Reality: Devils in 6.
I severely over-rated the Bolts in this one, and that was evident if you watched any of these games. Big fat zero points.

Thrashers vs. Rangers
I said: Rangers in 6.
Reality: Rangers sweep in 4.
I’m not at all upset that Atlanta got spanked… I just thought they’d put up more of a fight. 3 points.

Senators vs. Penguins
I said: Sens in 6.
Reality: Sens in 5.
Again, not too far off. 4 points.

Western Conference

Wings vs. Flames
I said: Flames in 6.
Reality: Wings in 6.
Whoops! Detroit fans must be downright elated they didn’t get knocked out of the first round… again. Zip.

Wild vs. Ducks
I said: Wild in 6.
Reality: Ducks in 5.
My upset special in the West wasn’t even close. Zilch.

Stars vs. Canucks
I said: Canucks in 5.
Reality: Canucks in 7.
I don’t think anybody could foresee Dallas (and, particularly, Marty Turco) playing as well as they did in this series. 3 points.

Predators vs. Sharks
I said: Sharks in 6.
Reality: Sharks in 5.
Another pretty good prediction. 4 points.

My total: 18 points, or exactly 45% accuracy.

How’d the “experts” do?

Campbell (thn.com): 19 points, 47.5%
Cazenueve (si.com): 25 points, 62.5%
Eliot (si.com): 19 points, 47.5%
Farber (si.com): 26 points, 65%
Morrison (cbc.ca): 25 points, 62.5%
Muir (si.com): 27 points, 67.5%
Proteau (thn.com): 16 points, 40%
Slover (sportingnews.com): 12 of 20, 60% – West only
Wraight (si.com): 29 points, 72.5%
Yorio (sportingnews.com): 16 of 20, 80% – East only

So, yeah, basically I suck at this. On the other hand, Proteau’d better keep an eye on his rearview mirror, and his resume up-to-date… I may be contacting The Hockey News with a CV of my own.

2 thoughts on “2006-07 NHL Playoffs – Round 1 Scorecard

  1. Holy crap.

    By my scoring methodology, you got 30 of 40 points, 75% accuracy… better than all the experts who picked both conference quarters.

    Nice job!

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