Cultural Differences for Sure

Okay, so the first round of the NHL playoffs are happening right now.

Anybody who cares about hockey is aware of this. I will not evaluate my first-round picks until all the series have been settled.


Part and parcel of these NHL playoffs is, of course, Canadian play-by-play and color announcers offering their invaluable insight of the game overtop the action on the ice. They’re from Canada; that’s completely redundant, but I wanted to make it clear to you, my dear and valued reader, that these guys are from a different English-speaking country than, say, America, England, or your favorite other.

“uhTALL” is the farthest pronunciation of the modifier “at all” that the English language has ever seen.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love Canadians. The stereotypes–as far as I know abOOt the stereotypes–are generally true: They are polite. They don’t litter. They insert unnecessary vowels in regular words without fail.

That aside, what the ever-loving-fuck is up with the “uhTALL”? Is it a signature Canadian colloquialism?

‘Splain, me Lucy.

And, yes, I’m asking you, Sean.

BTW, Sean takes awesoume phoutougraphs.


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