Yeah, so…

I was going to review the first game in all the NHL playoff series tonight.

But after the Bolts lost (fuck you, Perrin), I spent some quality time looking at houses for sale online with My Lovely Bride ™.

Then… Jedi was on. I had to watch it… it’s fucking Jedi, bitches. You know what’s fucked up about the Jedi they show on the Skinemax nowadays? They replaced the all fucked-up and crusty-lookin’ VaderDad come clean after his death with the shitbrick from the prequels. That shit is not right, and violates the sanctity of all of my childhood Star Wars memories.

Lucas: You Fucking Suck.

Then: It’s garbage night.

Okay… so I didn’t get to review the hockey games…

(and for that glove-down and throw the puck back into play: fuck you, Holmqvist)


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