Digg Users Perplex Me

Someone on Digg, who calls himself amanwithnoarms, dugg my “3:2 is the iPod to Human Ratio” post, and traffic here at the ‘Head has spiked. And, by spiked I mean it’s tripled my day-to-day hits. Today saw 87 visitors, where on any normal day, I average about 30.

Don’t get all worried and shit. The ‘Head is still hugely unpopular, and infinitely far away from being slashdotted.

But… I’m confused as to why anyone would choose to digg that particular post.

It’s not as if the ratio of iPods to humans in the entire world is three-to-two. It’s just that Erin and I are only two people, and we own a total of three iPods.

What gives? How is that at all interesting?


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