One Programmer’s (Im)Maturity: Part One

I never thought I’d be a software programmer. Here’s how it all went down back in the day (the condensed version):

Them: We need some web programming done. Gary does the website. He can do it!

Me: Yeah, I do the website, but I’m not a programmer. HTML is not a programming language; it’s a simple markup syntax, really.

Them: So?

Me: (deferring) Maybe that kid (codename: Coconut) can do the web programming. He knows some programming, and the web part ain’t that hard.

Them: Okay.

Coconut: Here’s my web programming!

Us: Wow, that fucking sucks.

Me: I will learn.


2 thoughts on “One Programmer’s (Im)Maturity: Part One

  1. Didn’t this start with you saying how bored you were. (Waa Waa Waa) That you were not challenged? That work wasn’t fun because you did not feel people gave you things that expanded your talents?

    When did the Corolla discussion happen? That is when two people at work started working behind the scenes saying – GMP can do that. Push him a little. Push him a lot. He is lazy but quick and likes to prove his Perez Perfect.

  2. It’s been a looong time, and of course I wasn’t in on the behind-the-scenes action… just the target of it, apparently. I just remember Coconut’s initial attempt at RMS was terrifically underwhelming, and soon thereafter, I started learning Python and how to use Zope.

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