Idiocy Loves Company

Whenever we have someone in for a job interview, everybody who meets with the candidate sends an email to the owners of the company with scores in three categories, one of which is “Personality”.

The guy who came in for an interview today has a friend who’d previously interviewed with us.

Today’s guy said, after lunch as we were walking by a car dealership, “Buy one of these cars and put a big tailpipe on it so you can be like all the Mexicans around here.” That was it for me… what a racist fuck. I emailed: “[That] comment sealed his fate, as far as I’m concerned.”

In the email I sent almost a year ago with my assessment of his friend’s interview was: “COMPLETELY UNFAIR JUDGMENT: Frat boy + big soup-can muffler on his import car = huge tool”

Now that is some tasty irony.


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