I’m Sick of Will Ferrell


Okay, he was passable in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. “Zoolander” was awesome; he was alright as Mugatu.

I bought the “Old School” DVD because everyone said it was such a great, hilarious movie. I was disappointed after all the hype, and out twenty bucks. “Elf”, however, was gay… and not in the Ann Coulter way.

“Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” was, perhaps, the apex of Will’s theatrical career. It didn’t outright suck cock. It was, perhaps, the biggest artistic stretch for him to play an egotistical, self-absorbed asshole misogynist.

Oh, wait…

Then there was “Talladega Nights”, which sucked… except for the part where they try to remove the knife with another knife. The other actors made it work; he just thrashed around like an idiot.

Will Ferrell is the new Adam Sandler; he’s the same character in every goddamned movie.

Granted, I haven’t seen “Stranger than Fiction”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not Ferrell’s “Punch-Drunk Love”. Read: The ‘serious’ movie that a joker-ass makes for the sake of ‘his craft’ which ultimately sucks impacted canine anal glands.

At least Adam Sandler was genuinely funny.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Will Ferrell

  1. So true so true.
    I think he’s about done with his run.
    Maybe it will be the next SNL star to grace many a screen.
    Horatio Sanz!!!!!!!!!

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