Hockey-Related Brushes with Fame

Last Tuesday after the Caps/Panthers game in D.C., Erin swore that former-Miss-America and previous-Penthouse-nudie-chick Vanessa Williams exited the elevator we were waiting to enter with a large group comprising her family and friends. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of Erin’s spotting, as I was busy moving out of the way of Those In Egress, but Erin’s a big fan of Ugly Betty… so I don’t think she could have mistaken someone else for Vanessa Williams.

Last night after the Caps/Lightning game, we went upstairs to waste some time and let the exodus traffic die down a bit. I was standing outside the restrooms waiting for Erin, when the Caps’ #1 goaltender Olaf Kolzig walked by. I was wearing my Lightning jersey for the game (naturally); as Olie the Goalie approached, I looked down at the crest, then looked up at him.

Me: (shrugging and slowly closing my coat around the Bolts jersey) Oops, sorry man.

Olie: (mostly ignoring me) It happens.

Yeah, so… with zero details about either game posted here on the ‘Head… this is what you’re left with.

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