Free NHL Hockey Rink Artwork

If, for any reason, you need an image or diagram of an NHL hockey rink, then you’re in luck; there are plenty of them available on the Internet. If, however, you need a usable image of an ice hockey rink drawn to NHL specifications, good luck finding one of those. All those Internet images are way too tiny to do anything constructive with…

Until now!

In pursuit of what will end up being “Gary’s (In)Complete Illustrated Guide to NHL Hockey Rules and Regulations”, I took it upon myself to draw a to-specification NHL hockey rink, which I now make available to everyone in the world who has Internet access.

And, when I say “to-specification”… I mean I scoured the NHL rule book available from for all the precise measurements.

The vector art (AI and EPS files) are at 1/100th scale. Therefore, the final artwork has the dimensions 24 inches by 10.2 inches. A little quick math: 200 feet = 2400 inches, and 85 feet = 1020 inches. I’ll leave the dividing by 100 as an exercise for the reader. And, yes, the 2-inch lines dictated by the rulebook are… guess… 0.02 inches in the artwork. And, I’ve even used the proper PMS colors (as dictated by the rulebook), as well.

For those of you who don’t have the ability to convert vector (or “line”) art to a raster image, I’ve also converted the rink to GIF and PNG formats, both with transparency (alpha channel).

Note, however, that the images are only posted at screen–not print–resolution. If you need it at print resolution, and you don’t have something that will convert vector to raster… then you don’t really need it at print rez, do you?

If you’ve ever wondered what people who know me mean when they call something “Perez perfect”… now you know.

For your downloading convenience: – 211kB
nhl_rink.eps – 403kB
nhl_rink_1730.gif – 33kB
nhl_rink_1730.png – 60kB

Afterthought: There are absolutely no restrictions I place on the use of these files… don’t even extend an attribution. Use it for good, or evil… your call.

21 thoughts on “Free NHL Hockey Rink Artwork

  1. I’m looking for a diagram for a typical youth rink similar to the ones you have made for the NHL size. Do you have any suggestions?


  2. Dude, this artwork will prove invaluable for my little project. Thank you x 1,000,000!

    I needed an overhead and to scale, of the standard NHL ice surface. So I’m grabbin’ that AI file.

    Now, I’ll begin to work some photoshop action on it, to try and make it semi-photo-realistic. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me if you’ve got something like that, or can point me in the right direction. It would save me HOURS!

    Again… THANKS for this!


  3. Man, I can only say: THANK YOU for saving me a lot of time. I’m building a rink in 3D, and were actually in the process of creating an ai file with the exact measurements, when I decided to do one more search… and found your site! :)

    Great! THANKS!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi,

      I have searched a lot for a dile like this and when i finally finds it link doesn´t work :(

      I´m planning to print on pvc banner and make a outdoor rink for my kids.

      Is it anyone that still has the file and can share it with me? Or if you Gary can fix the links?


      1. Martin: This post was made almost 10 years ago. I will check to see if I still have the original Illustrator file somewhere.

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