3:2 is the iPod to Human Ratio

April 4, 2007 Update: I really have no idea why this post was dugg. I’m not the responsible party.

Original Post:
I bought the black 30-gig back in April. Yesterday, the missus and I ran over to the Apple store. I got her the red nano (baby’s first iPod), and scored a Shuffle for me to use in the car.

I prefer to buy music from the iTMS instead of buying the CDs at the local mega-huge retailer. Until now, I’d burn them to CDs so I could listen to them in the car; those CDs would remain in the car a lot longer than necessary, and I’d eventually get sick of my selection… but replacing them required me to find and burn a whole new series of albums to discs. For longer trips, I’d bring along the 30-gig and hook it in via the tape adapter. Going to and from work, however, it’s fairly cumbersome to dig the big one out of my backpack, plug it in, boot it up and start the music for the 5-10 minute drive.

Now, I’ll simply load up the Shuffle, plug it into the tape adapter and leave it be. Turn it on for the trip, turn it off after arrival. Its home is my car. The only reason to remove it will be to recharge it when necessary, or to swap out the music selection.

Blickity-blam. Convenience!

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