Former Coworker, Alleged Kid-Toucher

Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the following news (forwarded by my brother) shocked the hell out of me. (Link)

Tampa Man Accused Of Molesting Ohio Teen

TAMPA – A Tampa man was arrested here Tuesday, accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy while on a Christmas vacation in Ohio, police said.

Scott Anthony Ronan, 43, of 3813 W. El Prado Blvd., was being held at Orient Road Jail without bail on an Ohio arrest warrant.

Tampa detectives arrested Ronan at his job at GunnAllen Financial, a brokerage and investment banking company at 5002 W. Waters Ave., according to jail records. He is charged with gross sexual imposition, which is comparable to a lewd and lascivious charge in Florida, Tampa police said.

I used to work with Tony back when I lived in Tampa. He joined our crew at countless hockey games at the old Thunderdome, as well as the Ice Palace, and we all shared many Halloween parties together. If I was asked to be a character witness—after not having regular contact with him for over nine years—I’d have to testify that there’s no way I could imagine him doing anything like this.

On the other hand… you never know…

I removed Tony’s booking photo from this post; I thought it was in bad taste.


5 thoughts on “Former Coworker, Alleged Kid-Toucher

  1. I grew up with Scott. I know his whole family, including the family member who he allegedly molested. It was a shock. I haven’t seen Scott, Tony apparently in Florida, since we were kids.

  2. Yes, Scott (aka Tony) did it. Scott admitted to it when asked by the victim why he did it during a taped phone conversation while the victim and detective were at the Knox County Sheriff’s Dept. the day after Christmas. Scott was on his way back to Tampa. How much more proof is needed besides that he also admitted it in court? He was sentenced to 3 yrs probation with having to register for 15 yrs. as a SEXUAL OFFENDER. He went with a plea agreement for his sentence and was charged with GROSS SEXUAL IMPOSITION, a 4th degree felony in Ohio. He’s currently here in Ohio awaiting a decision from the State of Florida on whether he can go and reside there.

    It’s VERY apparent that he did it. No one is more shocked than we are, BELIEVE ME, or angry….

  3. The facts of this case are not all they seem – and “Ohio” knows it but is wasting her time and energy spewing forth bile and some information, which is not all quite accurate, while deciding to keep other SECRETS that are MUCH WORSE.

    The full facts (and other family secrets) may not ever come out because Scott/Tony is, was, and always will be a good and honest person, but some people should take heed. Not everyone who knows may not always remain silent.

  4. I have known Scott Anthony Ronan, or Tony as he prefers to be called, for 15 plus years. He is charming, friendly, and the “boy-next-door” type with a nice pool home in a lovely South Tampa neighborhood. He is athletic, and does not fit the typical gay stereotype. For a number of years, he lived with a boyish, effeminate male lover. He told me at various times that he enjoys the company of young, thin, boyish looking men. For many years, Tony was a member of a purportedly “non-sexual” nudist men’s club, members of which were mostly gay. He often hosted parties at his home for this group. The by-laws of this organization prohibited sexual “play” at its meetings, parties and events. However, Tony was more personable, younger, better looking and had a better body than most of the members of this club. He confided in me that he had no problem “playing” with the one or two boyish-looking, more attractive members or guests at “every” event. Since most events of this nudist club took place at private homes with pools and hot tubs, Tony could conceal this play, as he put it, “under the water.” At one time during the years I knew him, he had several playmates, including a prominent local marketing professor. It is noted that the club had, in its heyday, several meetings a month.

    We all have sexual drives and urges, and I believe that Tony, as a Taurus, has a very high drive. One positive for Tony is that he is extremely honest. He admitted what he did with no reservation.

    Like all of us, he is getting through life trying to be as happy as he can be. I am sorry that Tony cannot seem to control his sexual behavior and limit it to appropriate people and appropriate settings and locations. Sexually playing with a 13 year-old nephew is grossly inappropriate in every way imaginable! It is horrifying!

    Although I have not spoken to Tony for over two years, I hope that he will see this as a wake-up call. I hope he can mend the horrible damage he has done, find some way to satisfy or deaden his sexual urges, and make peace with the many people he has hurt in Florida and Ohio.

    Tony, perhaps you can use this “making peace” step a substitute for your lifetime of inappropriate sexual expression.

    Peace to all. You have my condolences.

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