Bet of the Week

With the 41-14 drubbing issued by the national champion Florida Gators, yours truly will enjoy unlimited control of the 42” plasma for the purposes of NHL ‘07 on the Playstation2 until midnight on Friday… with no spousal retribution or repercussions.

For those of you playing along at home, the Washington Capitals are currently undefeated 13-0 in an abbreviated 29-game season with penalties and offsides turned on. Don’t be a hater, or I will score all over your shit and have your starting goalie pulled in the 1st. Trust.

The ongoing fantasy will have to wait, however, as tonight represents the resurrection of a long-lost tradition: The Foof and I are going into the city to see the Flyers (who suck) take on the real-life Caps… who aren’t sucking as badly as everyone thought they would.

The Flyers, however, are in the process of redefining the word suck, as they are the worst team in the NHL.

It’s about goddamned time.


4 thoughts on “Bet of the Week

  1. Don’t know yet… hasn’t happened.

    I have been down a point or two going into the third b/c of sloppy D on my part. But somehow Ovechkin and Cassels (?!) end up coming from behind for the lead, and I shore up on D FTW.

    Since you’re all hatin’… it looks like Budaj just got yanked and now you’re left with Hair Club for Men in the net, yo. :)

    But seriously… why would *anyone* cheat against the stupid computer? He’d only be cheating himself…

  2. I have been playing 2K7 on the 360. Loads of fun!

    I had Brash get a Hat Trick one night…I love it when the other team starts the backup goalie!

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