Overheard in iChat

Gregg: I thought the bulk [of Hispanic immigrants] around NoVA was Salvadoran (hence the MS-13 hysteria).

Me: (shrugging) I suppose.

Me: But you don’t hear about MH-13 from Honduras because it doesn’t exist, and is therefore useless in the main stream media / Bush Administration plot to scare the living shit out of white America.

Gregg: I’m keeping my eye on you for the good of the country. You might try that reconquista shit at any moment.

Me: Good tack.

Me: You never know when I’m gonna’ snap and start channeling the Pancho Villa action.

Gregg: One minute you’re watching hockey, and the next thing you know, boom.

Me: Beans everywhere.

Minor liberties were taken with the actual iChat transcript for presentation purposes.

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