Victory Lap? Not Really

Despite the obstacle represented by wading hip-deep in crappy code, I finally “finished” the web rehost -slash- server migration today. Looking back, I realize that I’ve been working on it since October 13th, just over one month ago.

A couple of retrospective bitchings:

Why in the hell would upgrading my version of BBEdit change the end-of-line characters in text files that were originally created in, well, BBEdit? Somewhere along the way, it started dropping in Windows-style carriage return line feeds (CRLF, which Python escapes as “\r\n”) where there used to be only Unix-style line feeds (LF and “\n”).

This will completely screw your Python module if you edit just a couple of lines, because CRLFs don’t qualify as proper end-of-line characters on a Linux box. Result: A bunch of unexpected and very ugly errors.

A quick double-check of the preferences shows that it is set to translate line breaks, default to Unix line feed only… not to mention I’m running the fuckin’ program on OS X (a Unix variant). None of these files have ever touched a Windows box in their entire lives! WTF?!

Developers: do not assume that everyone is a “power user” and skip critical installation steps in your “README” file. Your job may be to build shit from source all day long, but some of us only have to do it once every couple of years. Yes… I forgot to “./configure” before doing the “make”. So fuckin’ what? It wasn’t in your installation instructions, dickhead.

This is even more important when you release only the source files for installation of your package. Why have you forsaken RPMs, debs, and other handy packaging constructs that could possibly keep me from having to hand-edit your piece-of-shit C modules to fix improperly quoted strings? You’re a developer; you write code in C (not everybody does, asshole)… you know that improperly quoted strings in your C module will break the installation!

Does not compile! WTF?! I hate you.


Well, it’s all over for now. All that’s left are to squash the lingering bugs that people find as they use the system. Hopefully that won’t be too painful.

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