Alexeev Scores Twice in Lightning Road Win

Last night was the first of four games with the used-to-be-my-hometown Tampa Bay Lightning coming to D.C. to play the now-my-hometown Washington Capitals. All the Caps season ticket holders who know me really enjoy giving me a ration of shit about rooting for the Lightning.

At the Thrashers game last weekend, I promised the locals that I’d root for the Caps instead of the Lightning. I did my best, cheered on the Caps, and remained reasonably quiet when the Bolts scored.

But, I found out it’s impossible for me to abandon my decades-long loyalty to the Lightning, regardless of how hard I tried… especially when Party Marty scored a tying goal in the second period right in front of us:


It was a great game for a Lightning fan. I am, however, quite pissed off that—so far—Catherine is the only one who gets to enjoy Caps’ home wins. One day… one day…

More photos here.

One thought on “Alexeev Scores Twice in Lightning Road Win

  1. What a crappy game for CAPS fans. They looked like Crap and played like crap. Eminger is not doing so well in his new D Role. I think the Pee wee teams might have played better than the CAPS last night. Total embarrassment.

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