How to Properly use “Stratagem” in a Sentence

The various sports outlets and sundry local bloggers all have their own take on last night’s Caps versus Florida Panthers game. Here’s mine:

The Caps score five (5!) goals in the first 15 minutes of the game. The Caps get zero (0!) powerplay goals in five man-advantage chances. The Panthers score two (2) powerplay goals—their only 2 tallies of the game—on three 5-on-4 opportunities.

The Caps will travel to Sunrise, FL on November 13th for their next meeting against the Stinkin’ Panthers.

Prediction: Look for coach/GM Jacques Martin to play four men on the ice on purpose during what should be even-strength. This will trick the Capitals into powerplay mode, thus rendering them completely ineffective. Should the Caps take a penalty or four (it’s only a matter of time), Martin will send his fifth player to the ice for your standard Panthers powerplay.

If he follows this bullet-proof game stratagem, Panthers blank the Caps 2-0.