I am the Definition of an Egotist

Remember that time when I declared that “I am Such a Nerd”?

Yeah, you remember it. I wrote a webapp to keep track of people who were invited to our wedding, whether or not we had their postal address, email, we sent a “save the date” or an invitation, or we received an RSVP?

I know what you were thinking.

Why would Gary spend two nights coding-up a webapp that he’ll only use once… only up until the day he gets married? What a myopic little bitch.

Yeah? Well the joke’s on you… you nay-saying doubter motherfuckers.

Tonight, I made minor alterations to the codebase and converted it into an online “Chez Perez” address book that Erin and I can access and update at any time… simultaneously if need be.

I planned that shit from the beginning.

Recognize, bitchez.