Inaugural Beers at 6:30pm

Tomorrow is our 4-month anniversary (only newishlyweds still count months). Wanna’ see some new, paid-for wedding photos? Here are some comps (for the non-industry reader: low resolution samples) which represent the pictures we’ve chosen for our “official” album.

Tomorrow also features this year’s first pre-season game for my beloved Washington Capitals, as well as my more-beloved Tampa Bay Lightning. Better than that: They’re playing each other. Even better than that: They’re playing at the Verizon Center downtown. Best of all: You know we’re goin’ to the game, bitches!

It’s on.

3 thoughts on “Inaugural Beers at 6:30pm

  1. We are finally breaking down to buy some sort of season ticket package. A whole season is way too many games (to physically go as well as financially handle it). Thankfully, they have the 1/2 season or 12 pack stuff that’s pretty reasonable.

    Anyway My Hockey Friend, I’ll be at Lightning games, too…it’s really the only time I get to see Chico and Aimee!!! (Hi, guys!)

  2. Those photos are so fantastic! We really wish we could have been able to make the wedding. You two look really happy; what a great-looking couple. We would really love to be able to see you guys. If you are ever down in FL, let us know, and maybe we can make a trip down to Tampa to see you.
    Wishing you many, many happy years together,
    Jay and Sharron

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