The Web Nerdery Continues

There are just two short months before the beginning of the 2006-07 NHL season, when all the teams (especially those in the Southeast Division) will be chasing the Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes. As you may already know, the Washington Capitals are in the Southeast Division, and that’s where this particular hockey story begins.

This year, we’re splitting season tickets with longtime Caps faithful and friend, Catherine. But that’s not important right now. Again this year, work snagged a couple of full season tickets for any and all at work to use in pursuit of pure hockey satisfaction… at like 50% the tickets’ face value… including parking.

Seriously, that’s less than the cost of our two seats—sans parking—and we sit in a cheaper section. Have I mentioned lately that my work rules?

Anyway, to facilitate work’s divvying up of 42 games’ worth of tickets, yours truly hooked up yet another web-based application: The Company Hockey Calendar. Check it:


The perpetual calendar is based upon previous code I wrote for work’s intranet to keep track of vacation, travel, training and sick days. This version parses a simple comma-delimited, plaintext file of the Caps’ home schedule. It automatically fills in the game details for any day in any month that the user views. Game details include: The date, visiting team, and start time (of course), plus a section for notes (e.g., the game starts at a time other than the usual 7pm) and a field for who’s claimed the tickets for that game.

Of course, I have the same app running on the webserver at home so Erin and I can keep track of our own games w/ Catherine.

When the 2007-08 schedule comes out next summer, all I have to do is replace the text file with a new one and everything else falls out on its own. Fuckin’ sweet.

I am the embodiment of the sin of pride… if you believe in mortal/capital or even venial sins… which, of course, I do not. I will never repent for The Company Hockey Calendar… because it fucking rules. :)

4 thoughts on “The Web Nerdery Continues

  1. I shall be the “sin” of WRATH, cuz the Bolts home page only gives out their schedule in an Excel format, that I then have to save as a .csv, then import to my Yahoo! Calendar (never used before in my life), then export to a .dba, all so that I can get the friggin’ thing in a format that my Palm can use. For free. That $19 program that I could have bought 3 hours ago looks pretty damn good right about now.

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