Photos from Mexico

As previously mentioned, Erin and I went on our honeymoon for ten days, and returned from Mexico the night of July 18th. Here are the first photos from our trip. Click on any of the following thumbnails to view the 800 x 600 image in a new window.

Update: I’ve added the remainder of our presentable photos from the trip below those previously posted.

Our first day at the resort, at the main bar:

Erin spent most of her days in the pool by our room:

And, this was my view for the majority of that time, as well (note the shade):

The entire country of Mexico had been alerted to our honeymoon, so they made millions of personalized cans of Diet Coke (Coke Light, really) just for us:

Erin smiles for the camera:

Then, I said something funny, or dirty, or both, and caught her laughing:

I even got in the water while the sun was out a few times, but not a lot; I think I was saying, “What the hell are you doing?” at this moment. Either that, or I was about to pull a rabbit out of my ass:

The brand new swim-up bar just down from our room opened for the first time (first time in history, I mean) halfway through our stay. These are shots from our little patio out back:

And once, only once, Erin got me out on the beach. Check out my “fun in the sun” set-up:

Part Two

Of course, the Mexican wildlife added an unexpected element of fun. There were a lot of these huge iguanas, only one photo of which actually turned out passably.

There were also a bunch of creepy-crawly hermit crabs shuffling hither and yon. On the way back to our room from Juan’s bar one fine evening (the evening was finer after visiting with Juan), a larger—apparently pregnant—crab crossed our path.

When this next critter ran in front of us after dark one night, I swore—if only in jest—it was the legendary chupacabra. It turns out that it was actually a white-nosed coati. Unfortunately, the little guy appeared to have a broken tail, and Erin really only got a lot of pictures of his ass.

That one day at the beach, a kamikaze pelican started slamming into the sea right next to Erin.

Of course, there were bars.

And at those bars, a bunch of really nice people who liked to stay up late (usually blaming us) drinking and talking and having fun. Here are Erin and me with Roger & Pauline from Scotland and David & Patricia from England.

Jerri & Michael from Winnipeg:

Our last night at the resort found us at Juan’s bar again, but we weren’t alone. I never formally met those other four people, but they were all cool & hung with us anyway.

Finally, he is without doubt the best bartender of all at the resort, and maybe in the entire country of Mexico. I give you: The Venerable Juan.


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  1. Your pictures are great! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I heard that you roomed next door to our co-workers parents! Freaky!

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