Torrential Downpours and the Joys of Home Ownership

I’m sure you’ve heard/read about the amount of rain we’re getting in the mid-Atlantic—especially in the metro DC area—thanks to a stationary front parked on top of us. There are a shitload of transportation problems in the area with Metro stations being closed due to flooding, high water on roadways and the occassional mudslide shutting down the Beltway. But we’re lucky in that I work 2.5 miles from the house, and Erin’s basically off for the rest of summer.

What blows rat choad, however, is our discovery of two leaks in our humble abode. The first one is coming in around the sky light in the bump-out, going along the ceiling and down the wall. The other is coming in the side window next to the fireplace and down into the basement along the wall, as well as dripping through the ceiling surrounding one of the A/C vents.

Soft, spongy sheetrock abounds! There’s nothing that I can do about it until the rain stops, then I’d better dust off the ol’ checkbook for the deductible.

What a pain in the ass this will be… especially since we’re supposed to leave for our honeymoon in less than two weeks.