A Logical Conspiracy Theory

The new 36 Crazyfists album comes out today. As happens on every Tuesday in the U.S., it’s not yet available at the iTunes Music Store. I wonder if Apple has an agreement with the record labels to delay a new release’s availability?

It makes sense to do that; the hardcore fans* of [whatever gay-ass “indie”-sounding poofter band is popular at the time] will buy their new CD for the full retail price at a store the very day it’s released… instead of paying $9.99 at iTMS and downloading it.

Just a thought.

*Forget those people who don’t use iTunes/iTMS and/or don’t have a compatible playback device (read: iPod); they steal all their music for their crappy-ass MP3 players anyway… or are otherwise unwashed luddites.

Update: As Doug points out in the comments, the new 36CF isn’t available in the U.S. yet… but that doesn’t discount the lag time imposed by Apple.


One thought on “A Logical Conspiracy Theory

  1. I Think it’s a UK release only @ this point bro. We’ll probably get it here in the US near the end of summer. You can buy it off Amazon as an import CD though.

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