How to Make a Bloody Gary

There are a ton of different recipes for a Bloody Mary out there, but this one is tried-and-true with a history of compliments and a growing fan base.

It’s thick, it’s spicy and it’s damn flavorful.

Everyone knows that the most important ingredient is the mixer you use; that’s true for this recipe, as well. I do, however, throw in a few things to make it delectably spicier.

There is no Tabasco sauce in this recipe. While it would serve to increase the BTUs of this drink, it’s got the wrong flavor. Tabasco is too sweet and vinegar-y for this recipe, which should end up with a deep, savory taste. There is also no fruit in this recipe. The acid in a lime or lemon will cut the smooth flavor, so I highly suggest you leave them in the fridge.

Ice cubes
Worcestershire sauce
Horseradish – the rawer the better
Black pepper – preferrably in a mill
Salt – optional
Clamato – optional
Master of Mixes 5-pepper, extra-spicy bloody mary mix

Pour about one shot (1 1/4 to 1 1/2 oz.) vodka over 3 ice cubes in a 12 oz. highball glass. If you want to taste the vodka in the finished cocktail (I never do), you’ll have to add more now.

Add 5 dashes of Worcestershire sauce; it helps if the bottle has an insert in the opening like a soy sauce bottle.

Add 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of horseradish, the more the better—whatever you think you can handle.

Crack fresh black pepper from the mill over the glass, approx. 3-5 grinds of the mill; use more for an extra kick.

Add a dash or two of salt (if desired).

Stir all of the ingredients into the vodka to break up the lump of horseradish & create a cold slurry of everything except the mixer.

At this point, add 1/4 glass of Clamato if you don’t want your Bloody Gary too thick, but the trade-off is reduced flavor and milder heat.

Fill remainder of glass with mixer. If it was not refrigerated beforehand, leave room for 2-3 more ice cubes as the others will melt quickly upon addition of the mix.

Stir very well and enjoy.

Any garnish you wish to add is optional, but a dill pickle spear or hot pepper-stuffed green olives will work the best in my opinion. Celery is for pussies.

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