Race for the East’s Ass-End

The Atlanta Thrashers just came from behind to beat the Bruins and come within one point of the East’s eighth-place Lightning. The Bolts lost to Carolina last night, and play them again tonight.

At this very moment, the Thrashers and Lightning each have two games left to play. The Bolts had better win both games (against the Hurricanes and Caps on Tuesday) because it’s more than likely that Atlanta will win against the Caps on Monday and the Panthers on Tuesday. This shit is getting annoying.

I’ve never been a bigger fan of Roberto Luongo.


One thought on “Race for the East’s Ass-End

  1. I’m pulling for your boys mostly because I think the Atlanta Thrashers are stupid (aside from Coach ‘Artley).

    Avs have clinched without stringing together some impressive wins that invoke confidence heading into the postseason. As a matter of fact, they are stumbling around the Western Conference like a blind man at an orgy. Propecia is proving to be more frustrating than Budaj.

    Here’s to an unimpressive first round exit…

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