Ocean City Travel Guide


We do all the legwork so you don’t have to.

Kickass Hotel: Holiday Inn Beachfront at 17th and Baltimore. King suite with a balcony on the beach. It’s pretty nice, but maybe not the best bang for your buck. That’s a photo from our 8th floor smokin’ porch.

Places to Avoid: Based upon various misfortunes over the last few days.

  • Pepper’s Tavern – worst bathrooms sometimes, although not too bad if/when they’re cleaned; some pretty cool people work there
  • The Dungeon – apparently, nothing like the old Dungeon. Fun if you like frat boys.

OK Places:

  • Greene Turtle – big place, live music sometimes, Big Buck Hunter
  • Seacrets – normally a huge meat market, it’s chill on a Sunday afternoon, excellent jerk chicken nachos

The Chicken Wings Crusade: Ocean City, MD—as you could probably guess—is a place where all the restaurants serve a ton of different seafood. I don’t particularly like seafood, and it’s pretty hard to fuck up chicken wings, so it’s usually a safe bet. If you’re just as unadventurous on the epicurean front as I, then check it:

  • Seacrets – plump and juicy wings with a pretty tasty buffalo sauce that won’t wreak havoc going in or coming out
  • Coral Reef – the restaurant/lounge at the Holiday Inn – huge jerk chicken wings that are sweet and spicier than you’d expect – en fuego
  • Taylor’s – smaller wings, the mild version is slathered in yummy buttery goodness, and the hot version isn’t very spicy at all, but tasty nonetheless

Note also that the Coral Reef makes a mean cuban sandwich.

Just to finish up after-the-fact, Coral Reef also offers a kickass ribeye steak, and Erin says the crab cake is awesome.


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  1. You make your dad proud, eating your way through a getaway! And posting the results…so to speak!
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