Jefferson’s Caps’ Season Tickets

Back in 2000, I received kickass partial-season tickets for the Caps as a birthday gift (104 row G, bitches… thanks again, Real-Life Lawyer!). I renewed those seats the following year, then got kicked back about 3 rows the next season because they stopped offering partial-season tickets in the lower bowl, but grandfathered me in.

I did not buy any type of season ticket for the 03-04 season, but I did go to a few games. This was the tail-end of the Jagr dynasty in D.C. (it was supposed to’ve been a dynasty, wasn’t it?), and my foresight proved solid as the Caps sank to the bottom of the league. Worst season since I moved up here in ‘97. Seriously. With seven games left to play this season, the Caps are up three points in the standings from that shit. Oh, yeah… and the Lightning won the Cup.

This year—probably because of the lockout, I can’t be sure—I opted for full-season tickets for the first time. I only did it because I got a promise from a couple of guys at work that they’d pick up some games. We got row J, about 10-11 rows from the glass… down in section 104 again. I was spoiled back in 2000; they had me at hello. They’re good seats, but not as good as the original birthday seats.

And they’re definitely not as good as next season’s seats.

Thanks to a confluence of hockey fanaticism, Erin & I are splitting full-season tickets with Caps-Faithful-Catherine… whose season ticket(s) have always been on the aisle of row D. She’s taking one for the team and moving back a row or two, and—although beans don’t burn on the grill—we’re moving on up… to 104 F, bitches.

It is, in fact, on. I’m kirked.