What the Hell is Going On with the Lightning?

Tonight, the (defending) Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning were forced to a shootout against the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are the worst team in the Eastern Conference and the entire NHL. They couldn’t win in regulation, they couldn’t win in overtime. Hell, they haven’t won a game since Feb. 11 in Boston—the break for the Olympics notwithstanding.

They led the game 4-1, and gave up three goals in the third. Ultimately, they got two points… but the game as a whole doesn’t give me a hell of a lot of confidence in the team. They’re still only one point ahead of the Habs for the eighth and final playoff spot. Atlanta is threatening, even if they have to play the Rangers and Senators in their next three games.

It’s quite feasible that the Bolts won’t make the playoffs this season… especially if they continue sucking. Yes, I said it, the Bolts suck these days.

Meanwhile—in the District—the Washington Capitals beat the Islanders last night 5-2 in a game filled with milestones at the MCI Verizon Center. The Penguins will be in town tomorrow night. I certainly hope the Caps give them a harder time than the Lightning did tonight.