Secure Our Borders Now!


I am disgusted with the amount of people from North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. who are penetrating our borders every day to find work. It’s exactly this type of illegal immigration that’s ruining our society here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Secure our borders now!

Exactly how do these retards think they’re going to effect change in federal government policy by holding up signs in front of a small municipality’s abandoned police station? They should pile their racist asses into an Econoline, brave the perils of I-66 and park their tighty-whiteys on the steps of the Capitol building, where they actually make the laws. But… that might take two hours in traffic—even though they qualify for HOV—and they might end up running into even more foreigners and—gasp!—black people in the District!

So, not only are they small-minded xenophobic racist fucks… they’re also pretty goddamned lazy to boot. Unlike those brown guys who are lining up to actually perform manual labor.

Image courtesy the Observer newspaper, credit Erin E. Fogg