Incomplete News Headlines

From CNN: “Scott Stapp announces engagement”… to self, plans for conception of Immaculate Butt-Baby underway.


4 thoughts on “Incomplete News Headlines

  1. What? No props for the “Immaculate Butt-Baby” action? Messianic complex + teh ghey?

    Alas… I should stop trying.

  2. I would have gone with a straight-up “Engaged? To a man or a woman?” joke.

    (For you see, it is rumored he’s a poof.)

  3. Would It scare you any less… Scott Stapp is having ANOTHER baby, or that Marlboro sent me the third installment of “Copper Label”…. I’m frightened, but yet “it” keeps telling me to listen to it’s crap-tacularism…. oh god, the horror

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