Two Weeks of Crazy Shit and Relaxation?

I’ve been off work since December 21st, and decided to take a vacation from the blog, too. I have to go back to work tomorrow after a thirteen-day stretch… that’s always hard to do.

What’s happened since putting the Macs to sleep?

The Caps beat the Habs at home on the 23rd; that was a phenomenal game. I love my season tickets! Big Daddy at work snagged the Bruins game on the 27th, so this would be the last of my live hockey for the better part of two weeks.

The next day, Erin and I drive down to the peninsula for holiday fun with her family. I landed some pretty sweet loot (more on that later). We had fun, but there were further festivites in the near future, so had to cut the family glee a bit short.

On the 26th, we drove back to NoVA, and then a buttload of us went to the 930 Club to see the Clutch show; that was a phenomenal concert, check the mini-review over on The Fury.

After sleeping off that hangover and having received Need for Speed Most Wanted and NHL ‘06 from my lovely fiancee at the previous gift-giving celebration, I was itching to hook up the ol’ PS2 and kick some ass. I set up her old 20” television on a milk crate next to the main TV downstairs, plugged everything in, and…

Disc read error.

Fuck! Different game, same result. Straight-up DVD = error error.

Me: Fuck. This thing is hosed.
Erin: We can pick up a new one tomorrow.
Me: Screw that; I’ll be right back.

Twenty-nine minutes and $157 later (I love you, Target), I’m driving like a maniac through downtown Rockport. That’s how I spent the majority of the 27th through 29th.

On the 30th, Erin and I packed up—pretty much the entire house—and left civilization for the boonies; we plus ten other people were set to spend the next four days at a cabin a stone’s throw away from the Shenandoah. Four days away from hockey; we missed two Caps home games (which we had tickets for) and had no luck finding a game on the satellite. Four days away from Internet access, save what I could snag off the cell (they should trademark and market the name “CrapNet”) when I had one bar before it ducked out on me again.

That was a good time. I apologize to the people I didn’t call after the new year arrived. I apologize more to the people I drunk-dialed.

We got back from neverwhere today, and I was treated to a phenomenal goaltender showdown Bolts at Isles; Burke was a machine. Yeah, Lecavalier’s penalty shot was nice, but I wasn’t at all surprised because he should make every penalty or shootout shot he takes. But, then the shortie scores a shortie! Marty St. Louis gets that beautiful 30-yard pass from Ranger to top-shelf Snow for the GWG while the Isles were on the powerplay. Burke makes a ton of great saves to stave off the swarm, and the Bolts pull out a win in the first game I’ve seen since the 23rd.

So there it is… the holiday season flurry wrap-up. Senators at Caps on Wednesday.