NHL Super Round-Up

Bolts suck. They held their own against Detroit for a while, then fell apart.

Caps suck. They got 55 shots (yes, in one game) against the Panthers on Sunday, but couldn’t pull out the win. Luongo was phenomenal, it’s as simple as that.

Buffalo versus Philadelphia: Shootout, Sabres win. Fuck the Flyers.

Toronto versus NY Islanders: What a comeback. Toronto down 4-2 to even it up by the end of the first period. Final score nine to six, Leafs… who had thirteen players registering a point tonight (versus eleven Isles players). That’s a fuckin’ football score.

Calgary versus Edmonton. Daymond Lankgow has a goal. Jason Wiemer’s in the box and Igor Ulanov scores a power play goal (his second)? Fuck Cory Cross and Bryan Marchment… it’s a Lightning fan’s worst nightmare! I’m pulling for the Flames. Y’know… because they almost won the Cup last season.

Fuck LA versus Vancouver. I care about Western conference shit?

Oh, by the way, Chris Gratton is a punk-ass little bitch. He spawned that legacy after that US$9Million signing bonus bullshit with Philly back in the day. Remember the smudgy-fax controversy in Tampa? I saw him live at the Panthers game on Sunday, and he must have learned how to be a punk-ass little bitch from Eric Lindros during their time together.


One thought on “NHL Super Round-Up

  1. You SHOULD care about the Western Conference, motherfucker! But you’re right to not care about Vancouver. They’ve become the new Red Wings here ever since the Bertuzzi incident.

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