You Know What’s Fucked Up?

Dateline NBC had this “Busting Online Predators” piece tonight. Basically, it was about adults posing as kids in chatrooms getting hit on and subsequently luring sick fucks to meet them “at home” to have sex (or get their butts licked, as the transcripts reveal) because their parents were “out of town”. Home being where the Dateline nice-hair guy was waiting with camera and sound crews. The undercover pedophile-pervo baiting was taking place in Fairfax County.

During one of those trite, broadcast-news-style camera pans showing an AOL chatroom transcript that doesn’t really show anything… we saw one word that was immediately recognizable.

herndon (sic)

WHAT THE FUCK?! We live in Herndon. I’ve lived and worked in/around Herndon for the past eight years. What the fuck?

Okay, stop right there and quit thinking that I’m an idiot who lives in a bubble and believes that some sick shit can’t possibly happen in my community. Please. Sick shit happens everywhere, otherwise “City Confidential” would have no premise, and wouldn’t be quite as enthralling.

At that very moment, however, Erin and I started checking out the “bust house”; where in Herndon is this place? It’s a nice place, pretty big; it’s on a corner, possibly near a cul-de-sac; that place—and all the neighboring houses—have brick fronts; where in Herndon is this posh place?

Then… fuck, I hope I don’t know any of these assholes. Then… fuck, what if I do know one of them? Given that the list of prime-time sickos featured in the show included a rabbi and a special ed teacher, it’s well within the realm of possibility that we’d recognize one of these kid-touchers.

Y’know… because Erin’s a teacher and I’m Jewish.


2 thoughts on “You Know What’s Fucked Up?

  1. Dude, I was actually taking a drink of Dr. Pepper during your patented Gary-rant. This mouthful of carbonated heaven then ended up all over Baron and the surrounding floor at the word “jewish.” Got the head turned away from the keyboard at the last second. Now I am living the Fark cliche, and for that, I will always hate you. Damn, I am still chuckling…bastard.

  2. I saw that special, too. I can’t believe that some of them actually stayed and talked to the reporter…even after he admitted he wasn’t the law. The only “smart” one was the dude who high tailed it out of there at the first sight of an adult (the reporter).


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