A Weird Dream with a Horse, Squirrel, Snakes and Monkeys

I only remember my dreams if I wake up immediately after I’ve had them (or while I’m having them). Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and still remember some of the strange shit I dreamt about. I’m not that creative or twisted (I wish I was), so how could I make this up? Some highlights:

  • a two-legged white horse (a double-amputee, he had stumps) who would occasionally topple over due to an intermittent inner-ear infection who otherwise had extraordinary balance
  • a long-necked squirrel with jet black fur named Steve who attacked me relentlessly because he was jealous of my relationship with a girl he had a crush on (the girl wasn’t in the dream)
  • getting bitten repeatedly while capturing two snakes in the back yard, one red and black striped, the other white and black mottled; my brother was helping me… I can’t remember if that’s why they were biting me
  • in the same back yard, a “pineapple” tree that was a standard pine tree, with red fruit that looked like standard apples, but contained the pulp of pineapple when bitten into
  • the two-legged horse would balance perfectly on his back leg to get to the “pine-apples” and eat them. He brought one to share with me, which is how I discovered they had sweet pineapple inside.
  • a group of little monkeys in a tree (not the pineapple tree) cradling athletic shoes as if they were their most prized possessions

And, of course, the ability to jump really, really high (too high for my liking) and fall back to earth at frightening speed only to land safely. That’s been a recurring theme in my dreams since childhood.