A Cautionary Tale: Idiot Boy Runs a Mail Server

Via Digg, I found a blog post: “Email Address Spoofing”, which instructs the reader how to fake the “from” address in an email using telnet to communicate with an SMTP server. I will not link to that blog post, because this kind of tripe should not be propagated or given any merit by way a hypertext link. Two things bother me about the tool who wrote this (aside from the obvious Windows-user perspective).

Update: It’s no longer on Digg, and the author removed my comment from the blog entry. I bumped the disdain to after the jump.

idiotboy.jpg1. Other than a “look how h4x0r 1337 I am now” post, it’s basically a rudimentary lesson in circumventing “the rules” of email… something that someone with good intentions isn’t interested in doing. The people most likely to spoof the “From” header in emails are script-kiddies, spammers, phishers and other ‘Net scum.

While it’s not at all difficult to figure out how to do this, he and his adoring comment-fanbois have boiled it down to a few simple steps for the even simpler-minded evil-doers out there. Great job, fuckwad… pour gasoline on the fire.

2. More important—and bothersome—is that this idiot leads off with:

Part of my job at work is to monitor our email system. I receive all emails sent to postmaster and webmaster through our system.

That is truly horrifying. That company is fucked.