Detroit Came to Town

Last Friday,

Erin’s Dad
Erin’s uncle
Erin’s sister
Erin’s sister’s fiancee
Erin’s brother
Erin’s brother’s girlfriend
Shawn’s brother
Shawn’s sister
Shawn’s sister’s boyfriend

went to the Red Wings vs. Capitals game in D.C., but not

Erin’s Mom
she was
sick with
the flu

. We were but 14 of the “announced” 18,277 hockey fans at the MCI Center that night; does that qualify as a sell-out? Regardless, it was by far the most attended game of the season to date.

Additionally, it was the most enjoyable game to date with the “lowly” Caps putting up a good fight against the powerhouse Wings. I’m late with the game review, so I’ll pass it over to Garrett.