Photographic Engagement Gifts

The Foof at work knows how much I dig the photography of my friend, Sean, who is back to living in Toronto. I’ve written about him here on the Head before, although he has a new URL nowadays.

Before taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday, Foof hooked me up with two of his prints as a sort of engagement gift for me… since I won’t be having any showers or anything fancy like that. The first is “Church in the Annex”, which she said reminded her of me for some reason; it must be the light coming from below the church ;). The second is “The Secret Swing”, which she called his most provocative photo; I have to agree with her on that.

Anyway, go check out his photos. The man is a machine, always taking pictures; and, no, not all of them are in black & white.

Thanks Foof!


One thought on “Photographic Engagement Gifts

  1. Two new photos every day!

    Thanks for the plug, man. I appreciate it. I’m flattered that she thought enough of my work to give them as a present and I’m quite pleased that you like them. :-)

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