Non-Extensible MovableType Tags

As I sift through the minutiae of updating the MMH design and layout (mean-ass gorilla, bitches!), there’s this wall I keep running head-long into. That is, the lack of extensibility in MovableType templating tags.

I’d really like to do some type of iteration or database-like call to get all of my previous posts which have more than X number of comments, so I can feature the “most popular” in a sidebar callout.

I could very well be missing something obvious, but it seems to me that aside from installing a 3rd-party plugin, I have to settle using the hard-coded tags the people at SixApart have decided are critical or at least useful.

I guess I’m asking for an API of some sort… which might exist… but I don’t know where it is, or how to use it (if it exists).


One thought on “Non-Extensible MovableType Tags

  1. The canonical answer is probably “use PHP for that” or “write an extension”.

    I haven’t looked in a while but the SQL is probably just, select blah from mt_comment where blogid=blah and comments ge blah limit blah.

    I imagine it could be done with built-ins, but I haven’t pondered it.

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