Neurobashing Website Updates

The Internets (or at least The Bloggers) in general hate nothing more than “metablogging”; that is, writing a ‘blog post about blogging… akin to navel-gazing, as some would put it. With your permission, please allow me to offend my peers.

MMH hasn’t received a new design—or a “realign” as the most important webdesign saviors opine/promote/require—but, I have been at work around here a smidge.

The observant, attention-to-detail folks who visit The Fury often (read: nobody but me), will notice a few graphics and CSS tweaks. The mouth-breathers may notice a minor change to the main page, but—again—nobody visits that page except for me (which makes me a mouth-breather, granted), because you’ve either bookmarked Gregg or The Fury or me, and pay no attention whatsoever to the RSS-like-convenience offered by said main page. That main page is generated directly from the RSS feeds available from all three sub-sites… and is an aggregator in itself!

Behold! I’ve invented metaRSS’ing! And, at the same time, reverse-engineered that aggregator phenomenon for republication on the Web.

This could really go somewhere.

I’m serious.


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