It will be a Bloodbath!

Let’s see here… what’s going on with hockey tonight?

Well, the Lightning are playing at Ottawa who are much better than the standings indicate. And the Bolts are coming off a 6-4 loss on Tuesday when the Thrashers scored… get this… four power play goals on four power plays against the best penalty kill in the league (at the time).

The Caps are playing in Philly tonight against a Flyers team that should be doing better than they actually are (kinda’ like the Bolts). But, the Caps will play without two of their more-solid players, Dainius Zubrus and Petr Sykora (plus one guy who scores sometimes). This coming after the NHL spurns league wunderkind, Alex Ovechkin, for rookie of the month.

*shake shake* The Magic 8-Ball says: “Both teams will get spickity-spanked!”


Late Night Update: Hrm… told ya’ so…