Today’s Stupid Web-Related Shit Possibly Worth Mention

Being the anti-American, bleeding-heart, non-patriotic, (and dare I say?) Satanic Liberal that I am, I read Daily Kos… um… daily. Tonight when I opened up that tab:
Blickity-Blam, a new band name is born!

Courtesy of DCist, I found a Flickr image of a sign posted at a bus stop in Chevy Chase, Maryland entitled “At the Bus Stop” (enough prepositional phrases for ya’?). For those of you too busy/lazy to follow that link, a portion of the sign reads:

Welcome to DC! Wow, you condescended to leave the suburbs and visit the city…

It continues to berrate the reader (or its audience) unnecessarily. Aside from its lack of proper punctuation and sentence fragments, here’s the author’s most important oversight: Chevy Chase, Maryland is not in the District, fucktard! It is, in fact, a suburb of D.C. [shaking my head sadly]

Finally, via Reddit: The Solar System to Scale. Nerds of Earth: Get down and boogie, bitches.


One thought on “Today’s Stupid Web-Related Shit Possibly Worth Mention

  1. Geography is a foreign concept to Marylanders. That’s why I don’t go.

    Besides, buses are for poor people anyway. Who does the poster think is going to see that sign?

    Exactly: Poor people.

    Now go fetch me my dinner. And spare me the contents of your bladder this time, asshole.

    Hi Gary :)

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